KY Goes Camping: Healthy Camping Hacks & Lake Life!

So last weekend we took a quick 24 hour getaway to the lake, but I wanted to make sure I balanced my physique and fitness goals while still feeling like I got to enjoy the full “lake experience!” I actually came back from the lake LIGHTER than when I left- which I say not to

No-Cheat Chicken & Waffles: RECIPE!

No-Cheat Chicken & Waffle Recipe (gluten-free, dairy free, & contest prep-friendly!) Who isn’t a sucker for a comfort food classic? The good news is you can have your chicken & waffles and eat them too! ALL while sticking to your fitness goals!

Cauliflower Chocolate Pudding!

Cauliflower Chocolate Pudding Recipe I know it sounds crazy, but don’t knock it til you try it! This is a great fat-free, low carb, high volume, sweet treat recipe that is completely diet-friendly no matter WHAT type of program you’re on. Not to mention it’s so quick, so easy, and only requires 3 ingredients! I

Ranch Flavored Zucchini Chips! (fat-free, sugar-free, contest prep friendly!)

Zucchini Chips, Ranch Style! (fat-free, sugar-free, contest prep friendly!)  These are SO easy and super satisfying if you’re craving a salty (or sweet!) crunch on your diet. Zucchini is so versatile and with a mild flavor and very low calorie content these are a great addition to your diet- not to mention you only need

French Toast Rice Cakes

French Toast Rice Cakes! (Contest Prep Friendly, Gluten Free, Fat- Free, Sugar Free) I know it sounds crazy, but I promise, it’s even better than I expected! When I’m getting ready for a show I have to get creative with meals to stay sane, it’s the only way to stay on a program- variety is

Sugar-Free Sweet & Sour Sauce!

Sugar-Free Sweet & Sour Sauce! (sugar-free, fat-free, contest prep friendly!) One of the things most people miss when it comes to clean eating and avoiding processed foods/added sugars are condiments and sauces. If you’re like me and eat a diet made up of lean protein sometimes things can get a little bland…and dry, so I’ve learned to become

Smoked Salmon Veggie Hash!

Smoked Salmon Veggie Hash! (low carb, high protein, meat-free) I love starting my day off with fats. Not only do I get a daily dose of omega 3, but I stay fuller longer and avoid the mid-morning energy slump that can occur after a high carb breakfast. Fats digest slowly and fibrous vegetables are a great

Pumpkin Protein Ice Cream!

Pumpkin Protein Ice Cream! (fat-free, sugar-free, low carb) Tis the season of all things pumpkin and I swear Canada gets none of the good stuff! All over IG I see  endless pumpkin flavored goodies from my American friends, but so far all I’ve been able to find are pumpkin Oreos (I don’t even really like

Fat-Free Tuna Salad Tostadas!

Fat-Free Tuna Salad Tostadas! I’m all for healthy fats in the diet, but I’m also all for saving calories/macros where I can and where they won’t be missed in order to add them somewhere more delicious! For this creamy tuna-salad recipe I use Walden Farms mayo and a few other sugar-free, fat-free condiments to save

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