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I’m an international health and wellness coach specializing in ketogenic nutrition and lifestyle optimization, with the goal of bridging the gap between the mind and body to enhance life.

With accreditations in personal training, nutrition, weight management, mindful meditation, and ketogenic nutrition I guide others in embracing a ketogenic lifestyle supported by a comprehensive coaching approach.

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The older I get and the longer I’m fortunate to work with clients one on one, diving into what leads to their struggles and what stands in the way of their success, the more I believe perfectionism is more likely a path to self sabotage than it is to success & salvation. 

Although well intentioned, success often leaves us paralyzed between the black and white with no options outside of perfectionism and failure. There is no room left for the in between, the grey area, the two steps forward and one step back that still leads you to where you want to go eventually.

It’s my belief that although well intentioned, aiming for perfectionism  is more likely to inevitably set us up for failure eventually because of the standards it sets for us & may be one of the most common self sabotage characteristics I see in my day to day coaching (and trust me, I can relate!) 

I see perfectionism as one of the most dangerous self sabotage personality traits as it’s often disguised as a positive and is credited for being “the” thing that leads to success, when more often I see it being the thing that detracts from success-leaving no middle ground and often leading to an all or non mentality that ends in self depreciation, negative self talk, and destructive behaviour.

If it can be embraced and harnessed the, type A style effort can still allow you to be successful without falling into the downward spiral of self sabotage when you “fail” to achieve perfection, by embracing the mindset that if you do “fail” -just below the (almost) impossible expectations you’ve set for yourself, you do so landing far beyond where you’d be having not tried at all. However, I find this is so much easier said than done in a world where we’ve put stark definitions on success and increasingly high expectations on aligning with these definitions when it comes to nutrition, exercise, personal development, productivity, relationships, family life, the list goes on. 

What do you think?

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Ep. 126 of the Keep Yourself Well Podcast| Everything is more expensive, and it doesn’t just affect your bank account, the stress of inflation can also affect your health. Financial coach Mandyy Thomas is back with some tips and tricks to help you navigate these tough financial times.

Mandyy Thomas is the CEO of Intentionally Wealthy Coaching – which is a financial coaching company. She’s also a podcast host, bookkeeper and speaker. When we talked about goal setting back in 2022 – that was before the world’s economy went entirely bonkers

Listen to Keep Yourself Well on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you stream! 🎧 

Have you noticed the impact of inflation on your funds?
Ep.125 | Why do you drink alcohol? And why would you give it up? This week I sit down with Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner and Master Addictions Counselor Cyndi Turner to talk about sober curiosity and our relationship with booze.

Bio: Cyndi Turner is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner, and Master Addictions Counselor and the Co-Founder & CEO of Insight Into Action Therapy and Insight Recovery Centers. She is a harm reduction therapist who has been in the addiction treatment field for almost three decades. Cyndi co-developed the Dual Diagnosis Recovery Program©, is a clinical supervisor for licensure, field instructor for MSW students, Co-Chair of Moderation Management’s Board of Directors, therapist for players involved in the National Football League Program for Substances of Abuse, and nationally recognized trainer on alcohol moderation and harm reduction methods. She challenges the traditional belief that all drinkers experiencing problems are “alcoholics” who need to quit drinking forever and designed the Alcohol Moderation Assessment which predicts who may be successful candidate for alcohol moderation. Cyndi is the author of numerous articles and three books including: The Clinician’s Guide to Alcohol Moderation: Alternative Methods and Management Techniques and Practicing Alcohol Moderation: A Comprehensive Workbook.

I learned SO much from my conversation with Cyndi and I know you will too, let me know your thoughts below! 

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Do you consume alcohol? 🥂
Muchas Gracias Marzo! 🫶

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It’s Tiiiiimeeee! 🤩🥳🥳

Registration for the next keto group program is officially OPEN! 🙌

Whether you’re brand new to keto, in need of a little guidance and some adjustments, or just need a reset with some accountability, especially going into the holiday season, the group program is designed to support all levels! 

During the course of our 8 weeks together we’ll cover all you need to know about mastering keto, from how to avoid keto flu, testing for ketones, how to tell you’re in ketosis, reading labels, navigating social situations, fasting, keto for longevity, and much, much more! ✨

In our 8 weeks together you will receive: 

⟶ Customized nutrition with starting menu and weekly macro review and adjustments

⟶ Progressive comprehensive keto education with weekly videos 
⟶ Weekly check-ins and progress assessment with 1 on 1 feedback 

⟶ Check-In Reminders, Accountability, 
& Follow Ups

⟶ Ongoing Group Coaching Support
⟶ Keto Group Access & Online Community Including Access to Over 60 Educational Videos 

⟶ Access to the KY Coaching App

⟶ Workouts for Home or Gym *optional*

Click the link in my bio for details & inclusion and to save your spot, let’s keep 2024 fat fuelled & fabulous! ⬆️ 

Consult availability Thursday, book at to chat about your keto needs! ❤️

*May 6th start*

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