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I’m an international health and wellness coach specializing in ketogenic nutrition and lifestyle optimization, with the goal of bridging the gap between the mind and body to enhance life.

With accreditations in personal training, nutrition, weight management, mindful meditation, and ketogenic nutrition I guide others in embracing a ketogenic lifestyle supported by a comprehensive coaching approach.

At KY Wellness we focus not only on personal nutrition and physical exercise but on…


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What my clients say



I was so excited when my amazing client Jeannine granted me permission to share these photos as I believe a picture really is worth a thousand words and if these pictures could take they’d be talking all about the potential anti-inflammatory effects of a ketogenic diet… but since they can’t, I’ve included some screen grabs of potential articles of interest exploring the impact of ketogenic nutrition on inflammation ➡️

To say keto only works due to a caloric deficit, that’s it’s not sustainable, or is a fad diet is simply false and completely overlooking SO many of the various benefits that come from a complete shift in metabolic system that occurs with keto. 

These photos show a substantial difference in inflammation in the face that is far beyond the result of weight loss alone after just 6 weeks into a ketogenic diet 🙌 

Within the first weeks she reported feeling less bloated, having better digestion, more energy, clothing fitting more comfortably, having better energy, no longer experiencing energy crashes,  seeing changes in her physique, and having more energy than expected even when running on less than ideal sleep! 🥳

I can’t wait to see her progress continue! 

Are you ready to experience the same benefits? 

Join us for the upcoming keto group program starting March 4 or get started with 1 on 1 coaching anytime! Not sure the best fit for you? Book a complimentary consult call at the link in my bio anytime! ⬆️

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You decide when the time is right ✨
Ep.118 | From being nicknamed “The Farting Queen” (kids are so creative) as a kid because she struggled so much with digestion, lifestyle coach @rootsandfruitswellness leaned into solving her own personal health challenges and chats with me about how she’s using holistic practice to help others. 

After a childhood of digestive struggles, she wanted to get to the bottom of it. Getting diagnosed with “IBS” just wasn’t enough explanation. From a young age, she found healing in food, by changing the things she was putting in her body and her mindset towards them. After a short career in journalism, she switched gears and pursued her passion. After receiving her diploma in Applied Nutrition she continued to learn how to assess blood cells using Darkfield Nutritional Microscopy, and incorporates live blood analysis into appointments with her in-person clients. Josee is passionate about helping people sustain life-long, whole person wellness and does so through her consulting business as well as her online store @rootsandfruitsmarket.

Search Keep Yourself Well on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or where ever you stream and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss new episodes weekly! 🎧

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Lucky #33 ♒️ 

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24 hour SELF-LOVE SALE 😍 

Let’s shop for a little self love this Valentine’s Day 🛍️💗

Because if we don’t love ourselves first how can we expect anyone else to? 🤔

Valentine’s Day is a special day to me because it’s not only a day to focus on love (for yourself, for your life, for others), but it’s also my birthday, and historically it’s been a day that I dreaded as it often highlighted the times I was struggling with self love, fighting with a day that was supposed to look “a certain way” 💘 

At 33 I embrace it for a day to celebrate all types of love and gratitude, but most importantly self love and to celebrate I want to give back to all of YOU who allow me to do what I do! 

This VDAY BDAY (fun fact my grandma once found me a vday bday card which must be a really niche market) I’m offering 33% off all group and 1 on a programs paid in full for BIG savings on custom coaching, alongside 33% off all apparel in store! 🤩

Already purchased a program and don’t want to miss out on the sale? Purchase now to extend your program or start later, OR pass on the gift of self love to someone in your life who deserves it! 🙌 Self Love Club here we come! 

Shop packages and apparel at the link in my bio! ⬆️ 

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What a beautiful thing to have the opportunity to be a beginner ✨

(She says after crying over her second motorcycle lesson in a row) 🤣 but truly, it’s a great reminder that there is truly no failure in trying, it’s a necessary part of the path to learning.

What are you currently failing at and working on improving? 

#stopfearingfailure #try #fail #newthings 

Let’s celebrate the TRYING! 🥳🥳🥳
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