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I’m an international health and wellness coach specializing in ketogenic nutrition and lifestyle optimization, with the goal of bridging the gap between the mind and body to enhance life.

With accreditations in personal training, nutrition, weight management, mindful meditation, and ketogenic nutrition I guide others in embracing a ketogenic lifestyle supported by a comprehensive coaching approach.

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What my clients say



My lifestyle goes where I go, with small adjustments along the way based on food sources, cultural traditions, social expectations, personal schedule, and availability. Although the food sources may change based on what I have access to, I’m always using a whole foods keto-based foundation to ensure I feel and function my best, no matter where I am. 🥑🍳🥥 🐟 

After a decade of eating a high fat, low carb diet, it’s easy for me to navigate different food environments and I know what foods allow me to feel my best with a high level of metabolic flexibility. Things like watermelon and more tropical fruit are generally not a part of my day to day at home, but here I have access to great seasonal fruit that I eat in moderation, balanced with good protein sources, high fat, high levels of activity, and regular fasting to ensure I still maintain a level of ketosis that keeps me feeling fat fuelled and fabulous! 🤩

3.5 weeks into my time working and living remotely in Nicaragua I’m finding the groove of what combination of  foods, meal timing, and movement practices allow me to operate at my highest level in order to balance coaching, academics, and enjoying my time here! ❤️

Interested in understanding how a flexible ketogenic lifestyle can work for you? Click the link in my bio to book a complimentary consult call anytime! 📱 

Do you have any questions about maintaining my lifestyle, business, or otherwise while I’m here? Let me know below! ⬇️

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Not only to them, but to ourselves when they are in the room ❤️

After a decade of wellness coaching I see the lasting impact of the way our parents talked about food, bodies, and movement not only directly to their children, but most often, indirectly as they talked about their relationship to these things themselves every day. Statements about dieting, weight loss, body shaming, and seeing movement as punishment with a means to an end instead of a means to a long life, unfortunately are common culprits when it comes to our strained relationship with these variables as adults. 

This is a reminder to not only speak kindly to yourself when little ears are listening, but to investigate whether your beliefs around food, movement, and body image are your beliefs at all. Be gentle on yourself in this investigation and remember that negative thought patterns are habits, they can be difficult to replace and it takes time to do so successfully, with active practice & repetition, but it’s worth it to get to the other side and embrace movement, nourishment, and self acceptance! 

Does this statement resonate with you? I’d love to know! ⬇️

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Sunset surf 🏄‍♀️
The days are long but the years are short ✨ 

Somehow I came across this quote for the first time this week and within a matter of days I’ve heard it used in 3 different contexts, from completely different people, in completely different environments (one of which was overheard sitting beside me while eating my lunch yesterday!) 

Originally penned by Gretchen Rubin, this quote is often used in the context of parenthood, but I think we can all find a lesson in these words, whether applying to trying to embrace the tough days that feel long, appreciating what beauty we can in them and acknowledging gratitude for a life that one day may feel like it flashed by us or to the long days that will never feel quite long enough 🫶

I recently had the honour of sitting down with my mindful meditation instructor @brenda.feuerstein to interview for the podcast and she not only provided me with incredible new lessons and tools in mindfulness to appreciate the present moment, but reminded me of lessons within my own mindfulness practice that have been less present as of late.

Today I encourage you to approach the day, and with effort, everyday moving forward, with the awareness that no matter how long a day may feel, life will one day likely feel short- falling not into anxiousness for the future or urgency for tomorrow knowing this may be the case, but into appreciation for the present moment and all the little joys that fall upon your day, no matter how big or small they may be 💛

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How do you get into ketosis quickly, whether it’s your first time achieving metabolic ketosis or you’re coming back to ketosis after having some extra carbohydrates? 🤔

This is a common question and the answer lies in lowering your glucose and stored glycogen as quickly as possible in order to encourage you back into a fat burning state, relying on ketone production for energy! 🔥 

Because we only store about 2000 calories worth of energy from glycogen at any given time (about 500 grams worth), even if we do nothing more than revert to a basic ketogenic diet properly formulated for us, we will achieve metabolic ketosis within a few days at most. 

That said, we can speed up this process by implementing a few practices that will allow us to burn through our stored glycogen more quickly! ⬇️

1) Fasting with water and electrolytes only (@drinklmnt  electrolytes will not break the fast and will help you to avoid keto flu as a result of electrolyte imbalance) as long as possible before switching to a fat fast (implementing small quantities of essentially pure fat like coconut oil, MCT oil, butter, or heavy cream) will allow you to mimic a fasted state for metabolic purposes, “bending” the fast to extend it slightly longer without causing an insulin response 

2) Introducing exogenous ketones will help you temporarily elevate your blood ketone level to help you feel the effects of ketosis more quickly as your body increases natural ketone production. MCT oil, which stimulates ketone production can serve as a placeholder for exogenous ketones and coconut oil can serve as a placeholder for MCT with high levels of medium chain triglycerides, depending on what you have on hand (if using MCT oil proceed with moderation!) 

3) Fasted cardio, long and low intensity or short and high intensity can help you to blast through your stored glycogen more  quickly, but remember we aren’t trying to compensate for carbohydrates that were enjoyed (this goes for fasting as well), it’s important we’re not falling into a restriction cycle but applying exercise as a metabolic tool!

4) Once you’ve broken the fast, the lower you keep your carbs the more quickly you into keto more quickly
This is what I’m here for 🩷

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