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I’m an international health and wellness coach specializing in ketogenic nutrition and lifestyle optimization, with the goal of bridging the gap between the mind and body to enhance life.

With degrees in marketing and psychology, along with accreditations in personal training, nutrition, weight management, mindful meditation, and ketogenic nutrition I guide others in embracing a ketogenic lifestyle supported by a comprehensive coaching approach. At KY Wellness we focus not only on personal nutrition and physical exercise, but on individual habit and behavior change along with development and creation of mindfulness techniques in order to emphasize both mental and physical health & wellbeing in the present, as well as the future. 

The goal is to optimize both immediate health and wellness, along with longevity and disease prevention. An investment in our physical health now is an investment in our physical retirement later, the goal is being healthy and happy now and for the future. We truly believe health is wealth. “KY” is meant to represent far more than just myself, it represents “Keep Yourself” as in, keep yourself well. This embodies keeping yourself well mentally and physically, for the future.


What defines a coach

After nearly a decade of health and wellness coaching, “coach” is a title I hold with great pride, as it’s not just what I do, it’s who I am. Although we often define a coach as someone who gives instruction for the purpose of learning, I view it as something much, much greater than that. 

The relationship between a coach and client is a unique partnership that is constantly evolving based on the client’s needs at the present time. It ebbs and flows as the needs of the clients do, as life does- moving from teaching, to support, to encouragement, to accountability, to cheerleading, to mentorship, and whatever is needed in between. Having a coach means not only having someone to help you with the “what to do”, in working towards your goals, but having someone to help you in the setting of those goals, with assessing progress, with self-reflection and analysis, with positive habit formation, and most importantly, with encouragement along the way. To me, coach is the embodiment of unwavering support. 

I speak through both experience as a coach, as well as a client, as I myself have been blessed with the opportunity to work with many incredible coaches throughout my lifetime. My love for health and fitness began at a young age, embracing competitive wrestling from the age of 10 until the time I graduated highschool. Although University competition was the next step, a history of concussions led to an early competitive retirement for me. A blessing in disguise.

My wrestling career

The early stop to my wrestling career encouraged me to pivot and look for a new focus to fulfill my passion for wellness. I instantly gravitated to bodybuilding, investing all of my “free time” and energy as a University student into pursuing provincial, national, and eventually, international professional level competition as an IFBB Figure Pro.

It was throughout this journey KY Wellness was created. As I worked through my first and second University degrees, competing in bodybuilding along the way, pursuing my pro status, I began taking clients on the side, soon recognizing the passion I had for leading others in their quest for a happier, healthier life. By the time I had completed my second degree in 2014, I knew I was meant to pursue fitness full time. 



Through bodybuilding, I found powerlifting, which soon became a new love and challenge for me, fulfilling the athletic competitiveness I missed within bodybuilding. I decided I had achieved what I had set out to with bodybuilding and it was time for something new. I entered my first powerlifting competition, Canadian nationals. I won this tournament, while setting national records in multiple lifts, qualifying for me for the World Championships.

I placed 9th in the world and went home wondering “what’s next?” I realized that although I loved competing, challenging myself physically and mentally, my passion had truly moved to guiding others to their goals. I loved what it meant to be a part of someone else’s journey to success as a wellness coach. 

embracing the keto lifestyle

I had personally embraced a ketogenic lifestyle around the same time I completed my psychology degree, recognizing the powerful impact nutrition had on my cognitive clarity. I began to research everything I could about the impacts of ketogenic nutrition on both physical and mental health and it became, and continues to be, my biggest passion. I have specialized in ketogenic coaching for nearly a decade, learning from both personal experience, along with the experience of thousands of nutrition clients over the years. I have seen the powerful impact of ketogenic nutrition both personally within myself, along with family members, friends, colleagues, and clients- from reversing type 2 diabetes, to battling obesity, replacing medication, to simply optimizing daily function so busy parents can have energy to keep up with the day. Ketogenic nutrition is not just a “diet,” it’s a lifestyle, and I truly believe it changes lives. 

My years away from competition have meant more time dedicated to studying ketogenic nutrition and lifestyle optimization techniques, including mindful meditation. Although I no longer compete in bodybuilding or powerlifting, I continue to love the challenge of weight lifting, and most recently, long distance running and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. All while fat fuelled, of course. 

Are you ready to join me in optimizing your life through ketogenic nutrition?

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