Fat-Free, Sugar-Free, ALMOST Calorie-Free Marshmallow Recipe

Fat-Free, Sugar-Free, ALMOST Calorie-Free Marshmallow Recipe (Contest Prep Friendly!)

During a contest prep diet I’m constantly experimenting to try to come up with the no-low calorie treats that I can easily fit into my diet for variety and to cure any sweet cravings, especially at night!

If you follow any of my social media pages then you know I LOVE using sugar-free Jell-O and plain gelatin and this marshmallow recipe is no exception. With only 3 ingredients they are so simple, not to mention delicious, and basically ZERO calories! (See below for calorie count)

Fat-Free, Sugar-Free, and ALMOST Calorie-Free Marshmallows!


2.5 packages of powdered unflavored gelatin (I use Knox)

1 tsp vanilla extract (or flavor extract of your choice)

1 cup Splenda (or equivalent zero calorie sweetener of your choice)

1 cup water

Optional: cocoa powder, protein powder, flavored sugar-free syrups

To Make:

  1. Add 1/2 cup cold water to a large mixing bowl, add gelatin powder, stir, and let sit for 10 minutes
  2. Bring remaining 1/2 cup water to a boil (I microwave), pour boiling water into cold water/gelatin mixture slowly down the side of the bowl while mixing on low with electric beaters/stand mixer and mix on low for 2 minutes
  3. Mix on medium for 2 minutes while slowly adding in vanilla and Splenda
  4. Continue mixing with electric beaters or stand mixer for 10-12 minutes, until your marshmallow mixture has reached a thick consistency making medium-hard peaks when removing the beaters
  5. Transfer mixture into a parchment lined baking dish, spread out gently with spatula and let set 2-3 hours on counter or in the fridge until set
  6. Once set cut into pieces/shapes of your choice, coat in cocoa powder, sweetener, or protein or leave plain!


Get creative by adding in different flavor extracts, syrups, and protein powder! Here are some of my favorites:

Strawberry: Add 1/2 tbsp calorie-free Walden Farms strawberry syrup

Chocolate: Add cocoa powder or calorie free chocolate syrup, coat in cocoa powder once set

Mint-Chocolate: Add mint flavor extract and cocoa powder


An entire batch of marshmallows using this recipe has only 40 calories, YES, 40 (all coming from protein!)

I cut mine into 24 pieces to make each marshmallow only 1.6 calories per piece!

Try using as a way to cut the calories in your favorite summer S’more treats, replace the regular chocolate with sugar-free chocolate and try using Quest bars as your “cookie” for the outer layer, totally guilt-free and DELISH!

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