Cured Egg Yolks | Bonus: Zucchini Pasta Recipe

We’ve all had cured foods like deli meats and pickles, but have you ever had a cured egg yolk?

Probably not, because it sounds a little crazy, but it’s a great addition to salads, pastas, or as a snack and so easy to prepare!

Here’s what they look like after curing- crazy right?! They look (and feel) a lot like fuzzy peaches IMO.

Here’s what I did with them the first time I tried them!

I added them to a quick and easy zucchini pasta (I will include this recipe below), they have a rich nutty, almost cheesy flavor and made a great flavor addition- not to mention I think they make it look a little fancy 😉

Cured Egg Yolks


-whole eggs

-loose salt (as in not in a grinder as you need a bunch!)


  1. Separate yolks from whites- save whites for an omelette or something more exciting (meringues!)
  2. Cover a plate with salt (size will depend on how many yolks you want to cure at a time)
  3. Create a small nest in for each yolk with the back of a spoon, place yolk in said nest
  4. Cover the yolks completely with salt
  5. Leave uncovered in your fridge for 2-7 days (the longer they dry out in the fridge the less oven time they need)
  6. When you’re ready to finish the curing process (a quick pop in the oven) gently remove the yolks from their salt
  7. Bake the now hardened yolks for 2-4 hours at the lowest temperature your oven goes (170 for me)
  8. Once the yolks have dried out and hardened to the texture you prefer, remove, and they are ready to use!
  9. Grate them over salads and pastas like you would cheese and keep them cool in the fridge for up to 4 weeks

Nutrition: (using large egg yolks) for 1 cured yolk

54 calories (4.5 f, .6 c, 2.7 protein)

Bonus Recipe: Zucchini  Pasta

I feel bad even calling this a recipe, because it really is so simple, but here goes!



-ground meat of choice (optional)

-jarred or homemade tomato sauce (I use Classico Tomato basil in a pinch)

-veggies of choice

-cured egg yolks (optional, but recommended)

-cheese or nutritional yeast (again, optional, but worth it)

-spices of choice

-oil of choice (I use olive)


  1. Spiralize zucchini into noodles (you can also buy pre-noodled or shave into thin strips with a veggie peeler)
  2. Cook protein of choice with veggies and spices (I like basil and any Italian seasonings in this)
  3. While your protein cooks cook zucchini noodles through in a pan with olive oil and garlic
  4. Drain zucchini noodles well (I use a strainer and squeeze well with paper towel to get the excess water out)
  5. Season noodles and protein to your preference
  6. Add sauce of your choice, mix together, top with grated cured yolk and cheese of your choice!

That’s all it takes and it is SUPER quick and easy to throw this meal together, a great low-carb option for anyone.


If you make these recipes don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @ifbbprokyfit so I can share your creations! 

Happy, healthy cooking! XO

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