My Weekend As a Powerlifter!

I’m SO excited to share my experience at my first EVER power lifting meet  over the weekend with you guys!

I literally found out about this meet less than a week in advance & didn’t prepare AT all (I seriously hadn’t deadlifted for an entire year until the Sunday before the meet- see my previous vlog to see my first attempts deadlifting after a year off!)

We looked up the national records and thought I had a shot, so hit the road and made it to Red Deer to compete in CPL Nationals where I won my weight class, best lifter, and set 3 new national records- while qualifying for WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Make sure to watch to find out what”s next? 😉 A new BIG GOAL!


Thank you so much for all the good vibes and support this weekend- I can’t wait to get stronger and  make you all PROUD! 😀

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