Group Coaching

From: $199.50 / month for 2 months



 Save your spot now to join us in May! 

  • Customized nutrition with starting menu and weekly macro review and adjustments 
    • Receive a customized menu and macros designed for you based on your preferences and schedule along with on-going weekly macro assessment and adjustments as needed 
    • Nutritional approach is reviewed regularly and may vary from meal plans, to macros, to intuitive eating depending on the individual, their preferences, and their goals, often this is a progressive process transitioning clients from a structured meal plan, to flexible macros, to intuitive eating over our time together, with the goal of finding a long-term and sustainable approach to nutrition for each individual 
  • Weekly check-ins and progress assessment 
    • Every week you will submit a check-in for accountability, assessment, and adjustments 
    • Weekly check-ins will be submitted via the KY Wellness website and coaching app
    • Check-ins include a variety of potential assessments including pictures, weight, measurements, and a comprehensive virtual check-in form to be submitted online 
    • Weekly check-in responses are delivered within 24-48 hours via voice note 
  • Check-In Reminders, Accountability, & Follow-Ups 
    • Life happens and despite our best intentions it can be easy to lose track of the day, so weekly check-in reminders will be provided for you on the group page and coaching app along with follow-ups if a check-in is not received. As a coach, it is my job to keep you accountable and provide this assurance 
  • Ongoing Group Coaching Support 
    • As a group client, you will receive ongoing daily support via the group page where I’m available to answer any questions and to give guidance and feedback throughout the week in order to supplement our personal check-ins throughout the week 
  • Keto Group Access & Online Community 
    • You will receive access to both the current “KY Keto Club” community along with my Keto Alumni Community Page on Facebook for an added community of support and resources
    • Here you will gain access to other individuals pursuing a ketogenic lifestyle, regular live videos, posts, recipes, and resources and have the chance to share if you so choose  
  • Access to the KY Coaching App
    • Receive a custom account on the KY Coaching App in order to upload check-in materials including pictures, weight, and measurements securely (no texting or emailing needed)
    • Track your ongoing progress with different variables and see the changes as you go!
  • Workouts for Home or Gym *optional*
    • Workouts are designed to be suitable and adaptable for individuals of all levels   
    • Workouts will be available on your private account via the KY coaching app and include video examples of each movement along with a detailed execution description
    • All workouts and movements will be prescribed for you and can be tracked and timed directly in the KY coaching app, workouts are 4-5 days per week and change monthly 
    • *light dumbbells are all the only that is needed for the home workout program* 

(Next start date May 6th, 2024)