Keto Chia Pudding

Reasons I love chia pudding:
1) it takes seconds to make
2) it’s great to prep ahead for the week
3) it’s easy to add variety with toppings
4) it’s high fibre, nutrient dense, and keto friendly

The secret is in the coconut milk, specifically the Cha’s organic canned coconut milk (I buy it from Costco)!

1 whole can to 4-6 tbsp of chia gives you the richest, creamiest chia pudding, perfect to mix up with different flavor add ins and toppings. My classic base is vanilla and erythritol to taste and I love topping it with natural peanut butter and fresh berries for PB&J vibes.

Simply mix your coconut and chia together well, leave it in the fridge for an hour or two, and you’re set!

Adjust chia to liquid ratio depending on the texture and consistency you want!

3-4 tbsp will be more Jello like and is a good base for adding protein powders or collagen, 5-6 gets extremely thick, almost like an “ice cream” scoop texture!

Adjust to your preference and try mixing it up with different flavor extracts and toppings!

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