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  • I am entering into a personal training, nutrition and motivation training program with the understanding that I have full responsibility for my own health, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

    I acknowledges that KY Fitness and Nutrition has not and will not render any medical services or provide any medical diagnosis or advice regarding my physical or medical condition and is not liable for any injuries, distress, or health issues as a result of engaging in the recommended fitness and nutrition programming of KY Fitness and Nutrition.

    I represent and warrant to KY Fitness and Nutrition that I am in good health, have all necessary medical approval to participate in or use the program and I am otherwise competent and qualified to participate in or use the Program.

    I agree that if at any time I believe it is unsafe for me to participate in any component of the Program or its activities or to follow its recommendations or advice, I will immediately discontinue my participation or use of the Program.

    I acknowledge that this Agreement is binding and that by agreeing to the above is aware that all payments are final and non-negotiable after purchase apart from discounts/coupon codes provided by KY Fitness and Nutrition for promotion and refund of initial consultation.

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