NEW Vlog & World’s Powerlifting Prep Training Plan!

Another weekend another VLOG!

I’m so excited for what’s to come in these next 10 weeks.

Today marks my OFFICIAL day 1 of powerlifting prep (EEK! now it’s in the internet universe there’s no going back!)

I put together my own meet prep/peak to keep my numbers on track over the next 10 weeks with the goal of an 805 lb total!

If you want to follow along you can use the same program, just put your personal numbers into the highlighted yellow columns with your current 1RM (1 rep max) and your goals for weekly increases (i.e. I used my goal totals for each lift and divided them by 10 weeks to see what I realistically need to add on each week in order to be on track to reach my goals- clearly there’s a limit to this and it has to be realistic for you, but I think these are realistic goals for me in all 3 lifts!)

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a powerlifting coach- I put this program together based on a combination of different powerlifting programs as well as a bodybuilding split. Although my priority for the next 10 weeks will be PL, I want to ensure my physique is still a focus as well, so will be including more accessory work than some PL programs might recommend.

If/when I plateau on 5 x 5s (OR around the 1/2 way mark) I expect to switch to 3x5s during the week and to doing only 3/2/1 on the  Saturday, vs. 5/4/3/2/1 (click the link below to open the document and you will see what I’m talking about!)

Of course this is just a TEMPLATE and I will be listening to my body very closely and adjusting as necessary, but I will make sure I keep you updated with any changes I make to my programming along the way!

As far as NUTRITION goes, I included my current #s only for your information, NOT for you to follow- these are not recommendations for anyone but myself, but I know many are interested so I wanted to share.

Ideally in this type of program I would be in a calorie surplus, but with only 10 weeks to the platform I am balancing making improvements in my lifts with maintaining my weight class for the meet so I am trying to maintain my current weight.

See the template below and don’t forget to watch the vlog for new recipes, a full back workout, & more!

Download Kalli Youngstrom (@ifbbprokyfit)’s Powerlifting Worlds Prep Program:

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Powerlifting Prep Template


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