Client Testimonial: Tegan

Tegan stepped on stage for the first time in the men’s physique division this year and rocked two top 3 finishes in his first two shows as well as an impressive top 5 finish in a stacked men’s physique lineup at his first provincial show!

tegan show
Tegan Kloser: UFE Invasion 2015     Photo Courtesy of Chris V. Linton

Here’s what Tegan had to say about his experience working with Kalli and being part of the KY Fitness Team:

“My experience with you being my coach hmm lets see…..

It was fairly different at first emailing you since I was big time new to this sport. I didn’t know if you would take me seriously or not. After meeting and you being able to answer any question I threw at you I knew it was gonna be awesome.

Some things through out my journey with you,: there were some main things I liked some of them were: you always made sure we checked in, always actually cared on what you were thinking about which is a huge part, also you encouraged me to ask all questions. I definitely got to say it was an awesome experience and I know I am gonna be staying around. You helped me reach some of the best and highest goals I could think of, best of all showing I  can even reach higher than I have ever dreamed of.

Competing was a dream and now it’s my lifestyle thanks to you, which I couldn’t thank you enough for. You were there step by step.

Making a bond with your trainer is one of the strongest things when competing and you hit that dead on- its a hard thing to find but luckily I found you and I’ll be a year round client if you don’t get sick of me lol!

I can’t wait to see you help me sculpt the rest of my future, who knows were I will end up.

You give huge motivation and show that if you really want something it may not be easy but it most definitely is not out of reach no matter how high or big your goal becomes.”

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