CRISPY Microwave Sweet Potato Chips! (fat-free)

Crispy Microwave Sweet Potato Chips! (fat-free)

I LOVE sweet potato chips, especially the crunch, but I have never been able to get the crunch I want in the oven without adding extra oil- in comes the microwave to save the day and BLOW MY MIND!

I had heard a couple of people mention that you could do sweet potato and other veggie chips in the microwave with no oil, a plate, and nothing else and still get them super crispy and I was a total skeptic.

I tried it out for the first time yesterday and they were PERFECTLY CRISPY on the first try! Amazing, so simple, and virtually no clean up!

sweet potato


sweet potato

optional spices: seasoning salt, dill, cinnamon, 0 calorie sweetener


a mandolin (unless you’re a master slicer, you need them very thin!)

a microwaveable plate

a microwave


  1. slice your sweet potato on the thinnest setting with the mandolin
  2. lay sliced sweet potato in a single layer on a microwaveable plate
  3. top with seasonings of your choice
  4. microwave on high for 5 minutes, flip, season, microwave for 5 mins


For  savory try spices/herbs of your choice and dip in sugar free ketchup

For sweet try cinnamon, brown sugar-Sugar Twin, salt, and dip in a fat-free cream cheese icing made with ff cream cheese, vanilla, and sweetener!


-Make sure the chips don’t overlap on the plate or they won’t crisp

-Keep an eye on them the second time in the microwave as everyone’s microwave runs at a different heat setting, once you can start to smell them they will be on the verge of burning so keep close watch!

-If after the second time in the microwave they aren’t crispy, keep cooking in 1 minute increments until they are

-Try to keep chips the same size to ensure equal cooking time

-Lay on a paper towel to cool and soak up any added moisture

-Let cool completely before storing in a Ziplock bag or plastic container to ensure they stay crisp and fresh!


The same as a sweet potato, because fat-free is AWESOME!


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