Fat-Free Tuna Salad Tostadas!

Fat-Free Tuna Salad Tostadas!

I’m all for healthy fats in the diet, but I’m also all for saving calories/macros where I can and where they won’t be missed in order to add them somewhere more delicious!

For this creamy tuna-salad recipe I use Walden Farms mayo and a few other sugar-free, fat-free condiments to save unnecessary calories without compromising on taste or texture 😀



-canned or packaged tuna (in water)

-Walden Farms mayo

-mustard: I use a combination of grainy and spicy



-1 slice turkey bacon (optional, but highly recommended)

-sugar-free relish (optional, but adds great flavor!)

-spices of your choice: I use chili powder/salt/pepper)

-veggies of your choice: I used bell pepper/broccoli slaw/sprouts

-Grimm’s corn tortillas: I use 2 small corn tortillas


  1. Dice turkey bacon and add to a non-stick pan to crisp up
  2. While turkey bacon is cooking add tortillas to a pan to toast
  3. Drain tuna and mix with condiments, spices, and veggies
  4. Top toasted tortillas with tuna salad mix
  5. Finish with crisped turkey bacon, enjoy!


-For a lower carb option add to a bed of lettuce or have as a lettuce wrap

-If you have a higher fat diet feel free to add natural mayo or avocado

-For alternate carb sources have as a wrap, sandwich, quesadilla, eat on rice cakes, or enjoy with your favorite cracker (I love it with rice crackers)

-Top with melted cheese for a delicious tuna melt (fat-free or full-fat)


(for 1 can of tuna, 2 Grimm’s corn tortillas, not including vegetables)

222 calories (19 c, 2f, 32 p)

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