Fall Favorites! (Books, Apps, Products, Food, & More)

Who doesn’t love a list of favorites? 

Favorite lists should be a part of my favorite list! 

Here are some of my current FALL FAVORITES: 


As my “New Years resolution” I decided to read one business/professional/personal development book and one guilty-pleasure type book each month, so far I’m on track!

(pats self on back for ACTUALLY following through with a NY resolution, holla!)

Business: Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore and Eric Westman

If you know me you know I like to eat a low carb diet and I’m ALWAYS trying to better educate myself for my clients. If you’re interested in low carb/keto/the diet of the future it’s a great easy read!


Pleasure: Brain on Fire My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan

You might not know that before fitness my first passion was (and still is) psychology. I have a psych degree and am always interested in mental health so I was drawn to this first person expression of a  young woman’s battle with a disease that over took her personality and ability to function for weeks, over coming it, and beating the odds. Soon to be made into a movie which I can’t wait to see!



Instagram: @arianashayfit

Obsessed with Ariana’s recipes and food posts. Simple, delicious, and HEALTHY meal ideas and she’s local so she has my heart! Also, she makes her food pics look 100x better than mine ever do #thestruggle


YouTube: Meg Squats 

Bad ass powerlifter, New Yorker, and woman extraordinaire. She is GOALS! One day I will deadlift as much as her. Also, she’s hilarious!



Current favorites include:

Sweet: Fit Joy Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar 

If you haven’t tried this you’re missing out. The taste and texture is JUST like a Eat-More bar!

(If you’re in Saskatoon you can get them at Herc’s, if you’re a client of mine you get 10% off!)


Savory: Grimm’s Bavarian Smokies (Original) 

I found these at Safeway after having a KILLER sausage at the baseball game in San Diego, all I wanted was a smokie with peppers, onions, and lots of mustard!

This brand is very minimally processed (as minimal as possible, it’s still a smokie!) with no added sugar, YES!

It’s the perfect add in to a low carb diet and topped with sauteed mushrooms, onions, peppers, and fat-free cheese you won’t miss the carbs (I’ve eaten this for supper every day this week!)



With powerlifting being my focus right now I am living through my Strong Sleeves knee sleeves (squats) and Power Wraps (bench and deadlifts)

Even if you’re not powerlifting, but doing regular squats I HIGHLY recommend these knee sleeves, they are more than worth the investment and now I can squat pain free! (also, they come in pink, bonus!)


What are some of your fall favorites?! 

I know I didn’t even put anything pumpkin on my list- do I even fall?! 

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