25 Days of Kindness with KY Fit (2017)

It’s almost December and you know what that means.

Time for 25 Days of Kindness!

Whether it’s volunteering for an organization, making a donation of your time or resources, or a random act of kindness, I encourage you to practice kindness every day, and taking part in my 25 Days of Kindness is a great way to make it a habit.

Print it off, share it with your friends, and use it like an advent calendar to be inspired throughout the month!

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Transformation: Steve Z

Steve worked with KY Fitness for 6 months, with the first 3 being on a customized carb based diet, and the last 3 being on a customized ketogenic diet.

Over this time Steve lost over 40 lbs and has made amazing progress in the gym, check out his transformation!

Here’s what Steve has to say about our time working together!

“Feeling stronger, and still loving the training split, and of course the keto!! Thank you so much for helping me literally change my life, achieve my goals, become healthy, and transform!! I feel great! You’ve given me such great tools to work with and I am forever grateful for that! Thank you for all your motivation, guidance and expertise!! You truly are great at what you do, and I take every opportunity to recommend you! Thank you for all the time and effort. I appreciate it all!!” Steve Z., 2017

Free Keto Meal Plans!

Ok, so not EVERYONE on keto eats bacon and eggs, but it can be a perk!

Sign up for my mailing list to get free access to 2 keto meal plans with recipes!

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1500 Calorie (ish) Keto-Pescatarian Meal Plan

Keto Cereal (Click here for keto cereal recipe)
1/4 cup mixed berries
2 tbsp coconut cream
Top cereal with berries of choice
Use coconut cream in coffee/tea
*Scoop thick cream off of a can of full-fat coconut milk (Thai brand)

3 whole large eggs
50 g smoked salmon
1 tbsp olive oil or mayo
2 cups  spring mix
6 cherry tomatoes
Optional veggies

Make eggs/salmon into an omelet/scramble/egg muffins. Use oil to dress salad or saute egg/veggies.   Add lemon/lime/vinegar to dressing!
Try topping with salsa/hot sauce for more flavor and variety, trace carbs.

MEAL  #3
5 oz  Firm Tofu
50 g avocado
2 cups zucchini
Optional veggies

Grill or pan fry tofu with seasonings of your choice.                                                                                                          Make zucchini into noodles and create a sauce by blending avocado/lemon/spices, so yummy and great hot or cold!

3 tbsp chia seeds
1 cup sf cashew milk

Make into a chia pudding for dessert.                                                                                                                                 Mix together with stevia/cinnamon/vanilla/cocoa (your choice!) and let sit in fridge to thicken 2-3 hours or overnight.


Optional: 10 g net carb fromadditional veggies of your choice

Totals:  79 protein, 20 net c (67 total, 47 fiber), 124 fat (5% c, 21%p, 74% f)
(1512 calories total)

1500 (ish) Calorie Keto Meal Plan

1 whole large egg
2 slices cooked bacon
2 cups spring mix
1 tbsp coconut oil

Make bacon/eggs into omelet/scramble/egg muffins or hard boil/cook in advance. Use oil for dressing or blend into a.m. coffee!

3 oz boneless skinless chicken thigh
100 g avocado
1 tbsp olive oil
15 g sunflower seeds
200 g romaine lettuce
1/2 cup cucumber
1 oz red onion

Salad! Mix together with spices, vinegar or lemon, etc. for a super satisfying fat-fueled salad. Avocado can be blended with vinegar/citrus to make a creamy, dairy-free dressing.

*Protein is cooked measurements

MEAL  #3
3 oz extra lean ground beef
1 cup spaghetti squash
1 tbsp olive or coconut oil

Make into meatballs/patties or pan fry with squash/spices for “meat sauce.” Add salsa, hot sauce, etc.

2 PB Cookies (Click here for PB cookie recipe)
15 g coconut butter
1 cup SF cashew milk

Top with coconut butter, & wash it down with cashew milk (try adding stevia/vanilla for a creamy sweet treat, so nice!)


Optional: 10 g net carb from additional veggies of your choice

Totals:  79 protein, 29 net c (53 total, 24 fiber), 122 fat (7.2% c, 21%p, 71.8% f)
 (1530 calories total)


What If These Macros Aren’t Right For Me?

Obviously 1500 calories isn’t going to be right for everyone, but I think this is a good middle ground that is easy to adjust depending where you need to be.

If you’re eating LESS than this, your calories are probably going to be adjusted in terms of fat.

Take some oils out and voila, your fat macros will be lower.

If you’re eating MORE than this, you’re likely going to adjust both protein and fat up.

This is easy, increase your protein serving sizes and add some extra fat via things like bullet proof coffee, homemade dressings, nuts/seeds, etc.

This is a great starting place that can be easily adjusted to work for you!

If you’re not even sure WHERE to start with macros, first start by figuring out your calorie intake based on your goals (there are lots of online calcs for this), then figure out what ratio of protein/fats/carbs is right for you.

I generally recommend a break down of around 70-75%  fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs as a starting point for keto and adjust from there.

Remember to ensure you’re getting lots of water and balancing your electrolytes through added salt/minerals when adjusting to keto to avoid the “keto flu!

I hope you love these keto meals as much as I do.

Don’t forget to tag me in your recipes @kyfitnessandnutrition and let me know if you have questions!



Low Carb Microwave Muffin Recipe (high fiber, dairy free, sugar free)

MUST try, low carb, 1 minute, minimal ingredients, minimal carbs. Guys.

Super moist/fluffy and you could totally use this a a savory bread alternative, too!

Scroll for the recipe!


1) 2 tbsp almond flour
2) 1 tbsp coconut flour
3) 1 tbsp ground flax seed
4) 1 medium egg
5) 1-2 tbsp dairy free milk
6) 1 tsp baking powder
7) stevia, cinnamon, salt, lemon to flavor

Mix all ingredients well in a microwaveable bowl (cereal sized) and microwave for 1 minute or until cooked through

Top work grassfed butter, coconut oil, almond butter, coconut butter, or your favorite sugar free jam and enjoy!

For a sweet version I recommend adding some lemon juice to the batter, for savory sub the stevia, lemon, and cinnamon for your favorite savory herbs and you could totally use this as a “bread” for your favorite sandwich ad ons!

Macros: 214 calories 16 f, 11 p, 9.5 carb (6 fiber) 3.5 net carbs (before toppings)

Let me know what you think! ‍ Share with your friends and tag me in your creation! xoxo K.Y.

25 Days of Kindness 2016 Calendar

Make sure you follow my YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to stay up to date with my daily acts of kindness and share YOURS with me using the hashtag #25daysofkindnesswithkyfit

No matter how big or how small the act, you can always brighten someone’s day during the holiday season!


Click here for a printable version to follow along! 

25 Days of Kindness Calendar


25 Days Of Kindness with KY Fit!

It’s that time of year again, let’s make this a MOVEMENT people-who’s going to join me?!


Dec 1) Donate Clothing to Charity
(Saskatoon can to donate to Community Living)

Dec 2) Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
(Build or Work in the Re-Store, Sign up Online- I will be building!)

Dec 3) Serve at a Care Home or Volunteer with the Elderly
(I will be serving lunch at Luther Care Home)

Dec 4) Volunteer or Donate to a Shelter
(I will be serving supper at Lighthouse Assisted Living)

Dec 5) Clean out Your Pantry & Donate To Charity
(I will be donating to the Friendship Inn)

Dec 6) Deliver Baking & Goodies for local Firemen & Police Officers
(Or even just swing by to say thank you, they appreciate it!)

Dec 7) Donate Blood, Volunteer for Blood Services, or Donate to Blood Services Canada
(Who wants to come hold my hand?!)

Dec 8) Send Gifts to Children in Third World Countries or Sponsor a Child
(I will be sending gifts and am looking for a company or person(s) who would like to take part and sponsor this day!)

Dec 9) Random Act of Kindness Day: Buy Coffees for People at Drive Thrus & Deliver Warm Refreshments to Outdoor Workers
(Let me know if you know a deserving outdoor worker!)

Dec 10) Pet Photos for Charity & Gifts for the Volunteers
(Wilson’s Greenhouse, proceeds go to New Hope Dog Rescue!)

Dec  11) Donate to Locks of Love, Volunteer for a Cancer Charity, or Donate!
(Looking for 8-10 girls/guys with at least 8 inches of hair to donate in return for a FREE haircut by Ethos Salon in Saskatoon!)

Dec 12) Hand out Snacks and Refreshments to University Students During Finals Time!
(I will be at the Murray Library at the U of S this afternoon!)

Dec 13) Mail Surprise Gifts to Your Biggest Supporters in Life!
(You’ll find out!)

Dec 14) Volunteer or Donate to Children’s Charity
(Jordana Jacobson owner of Craving’s Boutique will be sponsoring a charitable donation to a children’s charity with me!)

Dec 15) Pamper a SR. or Take a Sr. on a Date!
(Do you know anyone who could use a treat? I would love to take an Sr. woman for a mani/pedi date with me!)

Dec 16) Deliver Gifts to a Care Home
(I will be delivering gifts with Home Instead for Santa for a Sr.)

Dec 17) Volunteer or Donate to the Food Bank
(I will be volunteering for the food bank’s Christmas Hamper Day)

Dec 18) Donate, Visit, and/or Volunteer at the SPCA .. or adopt!
(They always need supplies, check their website!)

Dec 19) Host a Fundraiser for a Charity of Your Choice
(Still deciding on a charity, recommendations are welcome!)

Dec 20) Random Act of Kindness Day: Volunteer a Resource or Skill of Yours to someone who needs it!
(I will be gifting a nutrition program based on nominations!)

Dec 21) Volunteer or Donate to Mom’s in Need
(Teen Moms, Crisis Nursery, etc.- I will be teaching a fitness and nutrition class to young mothers in high school)

Dec 22) Random Act of Kindness Day: Scarves + Notes on Trees, Cold Weather Care Packages for the homeless

Dec 23) ROK Day:Community Clean up (garbage, parking lots, snow shoveling and window clearing for strangers)

Dec 24) Flowers for a stranger working on Christmas eve

Dec 25) Gifts for Gym Goers/Employees, and Gas attendants/employees on Christmas Day as I travel!

Let me know if you want to take part!

No matter where you are in the world and whether it’s  1 day or 25, let’s do something for the better good!


#MCM: 6 Week Fit For Fall Results!


One of the awesome guys I had the opportunity to work with in my 6 week online group program that just wrapped up!

The thing I love most about the group program is it’s designed to be effective to reach a variety of different goals and work for everyone!

Can you believe he added 1.5 inches to his chest and an inch to his arms in just 6 weeks with NO real gym?

Spots are filling up fast for my upcoming November group program, don’t forget to sign up to save your spot and we can get you one step closer to your health, fitness, & physique goals!


#MCM  --- One of the awesome guys I had the opportunity to work with in my 6 week online group program that just wrapped up!  --- The thing I love most about the group program is it's designed to be effective to reach a variety of different goals and work for everyone!  --- Can you believe he added 1.5 inches to his chest and an inch to his arms in just 6 weeks with NO real gym?  --- Spots are filling up fast for my upcoming November group program, don't forget to sign up to save your spot and we can get you one step closer to your health, fitness, & physique goals!  Link in bio! #doit ⬆️⬆️⬆️ --- #nnn #fitness #onlineprogram #coaching #onlinecoaching #kyfit #kyfitness #kyfitforfall #kyfff #groupprogram #onlinetraining #onlinecoaching #yxe #saskatoon #fitnesscoaching #weightloss #fitness #health #nutrition #training #onlinecoach #iifym #diet #training #weightlossplan #kyfitness #kyfit

No Nonsense November!

Holiday party  season is soon approaching and I know post-Thanksgiving and Halloween it can be easy to say #YOLO and just keep indulging straight through to the New Year (THEN you’ll start a resolution, right?!)

But don’t wait- I want you to go into the holidays feeling happy, healthy, and confident so cue “No Nonsense November!” so I created a 4 week program to get you refreshed and ready for the holidays!

P.S. It just so happens there are 30 days in November and it takes 30 days to make a habit, so you will be set for a successful December!  🙂

What’s Included: 

  • New workouts WEEKLY to keep you excited and to deliver the best results possible in a 4 week period (home & gym compatible)
  • VIDEO examples of each exercise shown by Kalli
  • Custom macros with weekly adjustments as needed, instructions on meal planning, example meal plans, & KY Fit approved food list
  • WEEKLY accountability check-ins with coach Kalli, assessments based on pictures, weight, & measurements
  • Exclusive access to the KY Fit nutrition and training app to access training schedule, track workouts, progress, & nutrition
  • Inclusion to the group Facebook page for support, networking, and daily updates/videos/posts by Kalli
  • Weekly video Q & A with Kalli (ask anything!)
  • 24/7 e-mail and social media support
  • RECIPES, tips, tricks, & more!

$250 VALUE 

Spots are limited in order to provide you with the best support possible- register now to save your spot! 


Fall Favorites! (Books, Apps, Products, Food, & More)

Who doesn’t love a list of favorites? 

Favorite lists should be a part of my favorite list! 

Here are some of my current FALL FAVORITES: 


As my “New Years resolution” I decided to read one business/professional/personal development book and one guilty-pleasure type book each month, so far I’m on track!

(pats self on back for ACTUALLY following through with a NY resolution, holla!)

Business: Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore and Eric Westman

If you know me you know I like to eat a low carb diet and I’m ALWAYS trying to better educate myself for my clients. If you’re interested in low carb/keto/the diet of the future it’s a great easy read!


Pleasure: Brain on Fire My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan

You might not know that before fitness my first passion was (and still is) psychology. I have a psych degree and am always interested in mental health so I was drawn to this first person expression of a  young woman’s battle with a disease that over took her personality and ability to function for weeks, over coming it, and beating the odds. Soon to be made into a movie which I can’t wait to see!



Instagram: @arianashayfit

Obsessed with Ariana’s recipes and food posts. Simple, delicious, and HEALTHY meal ideas and she’s local so she has my heart! Also, she makes her food pics look 100x better than mine ever do #thestruggle


YouTube: Meg Squats 

Bad ass powerlifter, New Yorker, and woman extraordinaire. She is GOALS! One day I will deadlift as much as her. Also, she’s hilarious!



Current favorites include:

Sweet: Fit Joy Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar 

If you haven’t tried this you’re missing out. The taste and texture is JUST like a Eat-More bar!

(If you’re in Saskatoon you can get them at Herc’s, if you’re a client of mine you get 10% off!)


Savory: Grimm’s Bavarian Smokies (Original) 

I found these at Safeway after having a KILLER sausage at the baseball game in San Diego, all I wanted was a smokie with peppers, onions, and lots of mustard!

This brand is very minimally processed (as minimal as possible, it’s still a smokie!) with no added sugar, YES!

It’s the perfect add in to a low carb diet and topped with sauteed mushrooms, onions, peppers, and fat-free cheese you won’t miss the carbs (I’ve eaten this for supper every day this week!)



With powerlifting being my focus right now I am living through my Strong Sleeves knee sleeves (squats) and Power Wraps (bench and deadlifts)

Even if you’re not powerlifting, but doing regular squats I HIGHLY recommend these knee sleeves, they are more than worth the investment and now I can squat pain free! (also, they come in pink, bonus!)


What are some of your fall favorites?! 

I know I didn’t even put anything pumpkin on my list- do I even fall?! 

How To Survive The Holidays: Home Workouts and Eating Tips

“Should I workout on the holiday?”

Depending on your goals, you might want to take a full day off to enjoy the holiday fully and if you can DO!

Holidays and special events are the days where I think it’s important to embrace the experience, but I know for myself  and for others I often feel better mentally and physically getting a workout in on the holiday, even if I don’t “have” to.

If you ARE planning on working out, here are some tips:

1) Check the Gym Holiday Hours! 

Many gyms close or have shortened hours on the holiday so check in advance so you can plan accordingly.

If you’re traveling look into different gyms in advance and see if you can do a trial or day pass to save some $

“What if I don’t have access to a gym?”

2) Take Some Easy Workout Props With You

-skipping rope

-foam roller

-resistance bands

These can fit into any carry on, luggage, etc. easy!

If I’m driving I might even throw in a medicine ball, kettle bell, or light pair of dumbbells!

3) Use your BODY! 

First of all, Thanksgiving is an awesome time to just get outside and be ACTIVE.

Maybe instead of your regular workout you just get out for a family fall walk, a jog, or football!

Encourage your family and friends to take part so you can secretly get a workout in but don’t have to miss out on social time.

If you want to get your workout in but don’t have access to a gym don’t stress, you can do a TONNE with just your body or a small amount of equipment, here are ideas for both:

Gym-Less Exercises
Resistance Bands:

Shoulders- lateral raises, front raises, rear delt flyes, standing/seated press

Arms- bicep curls (traditional grip or hammer grip, seated or standing), tricep kick backs, overhead tricep extensions

Chest– flyes, presses (try wrapping your band around a tree outside for these!)

Back- rows (again, a tree or light post is a great counter weight for these)

Legs and Booty- kick backs with band, squats to shoulder press

Body Weight: 

Shoulders– dive push ups

Arms- inverted pull ups with a narrow underhand grip (find something to hold onto like a low bar, sturdy table, etc.) for biceps, narrow grip push-ups for triceps, body weight tricep dips (use a chair or bench)

Chest- traditional push ups (try different variations like standing and against a wall, with your feet up on a bench, etc!)

Back– perfect timing to practice your pull ups, OR more inverted pull ups, but with overhand wide grip this time

Legs and Booty– the easiest to work with just your body weight: lunges, jump lunges, squats, jump squats!

Plyo & Cardio: 

Burpees, sprints, jump squats, star jumps, jump lunges, mountain climbers, you name it, there’s no excuse not to get your cardio in. Find a great spot to run or a set of stairs, even a stadium and get outside!

Now, About the Food!

“Can I take a rest day and still eat the holiday dinner?”

I personally feel WAY better about enjoying my Thanksgiving dinner if I know I got a good sweat on that day, if I indulge in the full meal deal holiday dinner PLUS don’t workout I know I won’t feel well mentally or physically. 

Depending on your goals you may be on a very structured plan in which case I recommended planning in advance and adjusting your training schedule if the gym isn’t open, but most people can be flexible

(remember, 1 day isn’t going to dramatically effect your progress!)

If you’re doing a “diet-friendly” meal, then I think you will feel fine taking a day off to enjoy, but if you’re planning on fully indulging, you might feel best to get a good workout in before the meal and that way you can use those extra calories as recovery fuel 😉

“Should I be doing extra tomorrow to make up for it?” 


This creates bad habits in my opinion- I don’t want anyone over eating and then attempting to compensate the next day.

Be moderate with your meal and you shouldn’t feel the urge to do this and stay away from the scale for a few days.

It’s likely if you’re used to a structured diet and have a “free” meal that you will hold water for a day or two afterwards, so don’t stress.

Get back on your nutrition and training schedule, drink lots of water, and get a good strong workout in the next day to use those calories!

“I over did it, did I just ruin all of my progress?!” 


Relax. If this is a question you’re asking yourself then you may have over done it in terms of eating, so use it as a learning experience.

If you’re reading this before the holiday I hope it helps you to go in with a level mind and the ability to practice moderation.

If you DID over-indulge, use it as a learning experience and remind yourself of how you felt mentally and physically afterwards so that in the future you can improve on your moderation practices!

Just like you didn’t lose all of your weight/build all of your muscle/etc. in a day, you can’t undo it in a day, BUT this doesn’t mean it’s a free for all. Respect your body and what you’re putting into it.

It’s all about BALANCE. Enjoy the day, don’t over think it, and focus on friends & family! 

VLOG: Lake Life & Balance-Healthy Camping Recipes/Hacks and SURPRISE announcement!

Another video update to what I’m up to post-contest, reverse diet, improvement season, and all things LIFE!

This weekend we took a quick 24 hour get away to the lake where I took a few extra steps to balance my physique and fitness goals with enjoying the full lake experience 🙂

This included LOTS of physical activity and some healthy camping classics, along with a S’more or two for good measure 😉


Make sure you check it out for some yummy camping ideas AND an exciting announcement hehe, surprise!


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