French Toast Egg Whites

French Toast Egg Whites (Contest Prep Friendly!!) 

I love egg whites as a protein source, especially during contest prep because they are quick and versatile!

From sweet to savory I love them both, but my sweet tooth almost always wins so this is one of my favorites and definitely a “don’t knock it til you try it” kind of recipe. I know it sounds weird, sweet egg whites? Just trust me.

egg whites


Egg whites (I prefer the liquid egg whites so I don’t waste the yolk)



0 calorie sweetener (I use Splenda)

0 calorie pancake syrup (I use Walden Farms)

Optional: nutmeg, clove, salt

To Make: 

  1. Add egg whites, vanilla, cinnamon, and sweetener to a non-stick pan
  2. Cook to your liking, omelet style or scrambled
  3. Top with 0 calorie syrup and if you love salty sweet, a pinch of salt (I prefer Himalayan!)


You can definitely get creative with flavor extracts and 0 calorie toppings for this! I LOVE topping mine with natural almond or peanut butter if I have fat’s in my diet, it gets all melty and delicious, definitely recommend. Powdered peanut butter (peanut flour) is another great add on, as well as Walden Farms strawberry spread for “PB&J” and, a few sugar-free chocolate chips never hurt anyone 😉 (try the Krisada stevia sweetened kind available at Safeway)


The beauty of this recipe is there are essentially no added calories aside from the egg whites, just added flavor!

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