Curves, Confidence & Core Values with Cierra Jade

Ep.54 | Cierra Jade is taking back language, taking on companies, creating community and becoming the plus size role model she wishes she had when she was younger. In this episode, she and Kalli get into how she found her confidence, took back the power of the word “fat,” and  the core values that lead her forward. 

Cierra Jade is a Saskatoon-based confidence coach, speaker and content creator specializing in helping women feel confident in their bodies at any size. She is also the founder of the online series, Fat Girl in The City, where she tries services and activities that plus-size bodies may feel intimidating to do. This series also sprouted the creation of The Curvy Club YXE – a recently launched, size inclusive group that creates safe spaces for women in Saskatoon to come together for events, connection and community. Cierra is a huge advocate for size inclusivity in the fashion and fitness industry and beyond.

Cierra’s Recommended Resources:

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