Demystifying Tax Season with Amanda Doucette

Ep.73 | It’s that time of year again: tax season. Each year it seems to creep up on a people and strike fear in their hearts. But, The Tax Chick, lawyer Amanda Doucette, has some tips and tricks to make your tax life easier. And, her and Kalli discuss why estate planning really is important. 

About Amanda:

Amanda Doucette is a problem solver who loves showcasing the human side of professional careers. In her day job she is a tax partner at a law firm in Saskatoon, where she has over a decade of experience in helping clients navigate the complex world of income tax, GST, and employment insurance.  Amanda received her Trust and Estate Practitioner Designation in 2018, and also assists her clients with complex estate planning matters including corporate reorganizations, strategic planning with owner-manager businesses to assist in transition and succession of their business, and working with high-net worth families.

Her passion is helping people navigate problems that seem insurmountable and empowering them so they feel in control of their business and decision-making. She truly believes tax is fun and aims to help her clients feel more confident in their tax situations, helping them understand relevant laws so they can avoid future issues.

In 2020, Amanda launched The Tax Chick Blog and The Tax Chick Podcast, each aimed at educating audiences about tax and estate planning issues. Both the blog and podcast allow her to take part in curious conversations, learn new things while educating others, and laugh.  

When she is not practicing, talking about, or writing about tax law, Amanda loves baking, spin class, and Pilates.  

Connect with Amanda:

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