Empowering Women With RaiseHER Community

Ep.85 | Raising and inspiring the next generation of women is more important now than ever. In this episode, Kalli chats with Skylar Gerard and Talitha McCloskey, two of the co-creators of RaiseHER Community, a for-impact business that’s working to raise the next wave of female leaders.


Skylar (she/her) considers herself a multi- passionate power planner + lover of inspirational books, Kate Spade, travelling, wine + cats. She currently spends her days raising her toddler, Eden, and newborn, Tobias, + her nights reading her latest book club book  + coming up with BIG ideas for RaiseHER Community. She developed her love of building relationships + leading others throughout her career as a Marketing Manager, over ten years working in retail + multiple years volunteering on various community event committees + non-profit boards for organizations including Saskatchewan Fashion Week, YWCA Regina, Dress for Success and Regina Transition House. In both her professional + personal life, she has come to experience the power of the proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


Talitha (she/her) is passionate about building relationships + supporting others. She’s a cheerleader for everyone’s hopes and dreams, + makes it a mission to support everyone she can. Talitha wears many hats—as Co-Founder of RaiseHER Community, as Manager of Communications + Public Relations for the College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan, as Freelance Writer with Nova Creative Co., as a board + committee member for community organizations including the YWCA + SYPE, as a Masters student, + as mama to Haven, her son, partner to Mitch + friend to many. Talitha likes to refer to herself as a relationship broker through her many community roles. She’s passionate about people + the pursuit of making the world a better place. Raised to stand up for + with those who need it most, Talitha knows there’s an opportunity to create + shape a community of women dedicated to supporting one another.

Other co-founders: Gwen Keith (Skylar’s mom) and Dr. Marlene Smadu (Talitha’s mom)


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