Holistic Health with Josee Bosgra

Ep.118 | From being nicknamed “The Farting Queen” as a kid because she was so gassy, lifestyle coach Josee Bosgra leaned into solving her own personal health challenges and chats with Kalli about how she’s using holistic practice to help others.

About Josee: After a childhood of digestive struggles, she wanted to get to the bottom of it. Getting diagnosed with “IBS” just wasn’t enough explanation. From a young age, she found healing in food, by changing the things she was putting in her body and her mindset towards them. After a short career in journalism, she switched gears and pursued her passion. After receiving her diploma in Applied Nutrition she continued to learn how to assess blood cells using Darkfield Nutritional Microscopy, and incorporates live blood analysis into appointments with her in-person clients. Josee is passionate about helping people sustain life-long, whole person wellness and does so through her consulting business as well as her online store Roots & Fruits Market.

Connect with Josee on Instagram here.

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