Psychology of Self Compassion with Angelo Sison

Ep.114 | Mental health is a huge priority for so many people. Provisional psychologist Angelo Sison joins Kalli to talk about the benefits of self compassion, supporting young people, and helping men push past masculine stereotypes.

Angelo Sison is a provisional psychologist in Calgary, Alberta. He attained his Masters in Counselling Psychology at McGill University and also has a bachelors in Justice Studies and an Honours in Psychology. In 2020, he published his thesis regarding the perceptions of ICBT among first responders in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Over the years he has balanced this striving for personal growth and success with building more compassion for himself, practicing mindfulness, and highlighting its importance in psychological flexibility, mental health, and healthy goal striving.   Angelo aspires to make a positive impact on men’s mental health, provide support to first responders who face trauma, and offer guidance to ethnic/racial minorities who grapple with cultural conflict and stigma. His ultimate goal is to be a catalyst for a cultural shift helping individuals from all walks of life to view mental health and therapy with greater openness and understanding.

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