Sober Curiosity with Cyndi Turner

Ep.125 | Why do you drink alcohol? And why would you give it up? Kalli sits down with Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner and Master Addictions Counselor Cyndi Turner about sober curiosity and our relationship with booze.

Bio: Cyndi Turner is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner, and Master Addictions Counselor and the Co-Founder & CEO of Insight Into Action Therapy and Insight Recovery Centers. She is a harm reduction therapist who has been in the addiction treatment field for almost three decades. Cyndi co-developed the Dual Diagnosis Recovery Program©, is a clinical supervisor for licensure, field instructor for MSW students, Co-Chair of Moderation Management’s Board of Directors, therapist for players involved in the National Football League Program for Substances of Abuse, and nationally recognized trainer on alcohol moderation and harm reduction methods. She challenges the traditional belief that all drinkers experiencing problems are “alcoholics” who need to quit drinking forever and designed the Alcohol Moderation Assessment which predicts who may be successful candidate for alcohol moderation. Cyndi is the author of numerous articles and three books including: The Clinician’s Guide to Alcohol Moderation: Alternative Methods and Management Techniques and Practicing Alcohol Moderation: A Comprehensive Workbook.

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