Striving for Sustainability with Launne Kolla

Ep.62 | As we get into the season of gift gifting, consuming food, and saying goodbye to 2022, Kalli chats with biologist Launne Kolla about how we can be better protecting the environment and set our own sustainability goals with small, simple steps.

Launne Kolla is a wildlife and marine biologist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan who has dedicated her life to saving the planet. Launne is the founder of @do.more.good, a social media account to help show people ways that they can live more sustainably.

Launne shares a lot of helpful content in a fun, non-judgemental way- whether it be easy tips to live more sustainably, eco-friendly swaps for things you may normally purchase or community initiatives in Saskatoon.

She believes that if many people make small changes in their everyday lives, they can add up to a large positive impact.

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