Chocolate Covered Cacao Beans (Low Carb, Low Sugar, Keto Friendly)

We all love chocolate. And all love that we can justify our chocolate addictions as being good for us while we eat it!

The less-processed the chocolate the better it is for you and the more beneficial properties provided!

The raw cacao bean is the least processed form of chocolate, but many find it too bitter to consume on it’s own.

Cue chocolate covered cacao beans (A.K.A. chocolate covered chocolate… because chocolate)

Left to right we have the raw form, the chocolate covered form, and an example of the 99% chocolate I used to coat these little beauties in. They couldn’t be easier and they are a perfect way to lessen the bitterness of the raw bean without damaging the amazing health properties provided by chocolate in its raw form.


-raw cacao beans (available at most health food stores, mine are from Soul Foods here in Saskatoon)

-dark chocolate bar of your choice, I opted for 99% dark chocolate for the lowest possible sugar content (London Drugs)

-salt (pink Himilayan)

-powdered stevia

-optional: cinnamon/vanilla/cayenne/instant coffee


It really couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Melt chocolate- I did this in a microwave in 20 second increments stirring in between
  2. Dip beans in melted chocolate, lay on parchment paper to cool
  3. While cooling and  with the chocolate still wet, sprinkle with Himalayan salt, stevia and if you like spices of choice
  4. Pop in the fridge or freezer to set and voila!

*I recommend the 99% chocolate as there is next to no sugar in it, but due to the bitterness of it recommend adding the sprinkle of stevia on top. The stevia/salt help to cut the bitterness and add extra benefit with more cacao and minerals!*

If the 99% is too bitter for you start with something between 70-75% and work your way up. Your taste buds will eventually adapt to the extremely dark chocolate and you won’t miss the added sugar. These are a great grab and go treat, leave them in the freezer to pop a few with a coffee on a summer day or add them to a homemade trail mix!

Benefits of Raw Cacao Beans

Superfood, to say the least!

-a true anti-depressant- cacao beans provide dopamine and serotonin, one of the reasons chocolate is a “comfort” food

-anti-oxidant power house (much more than green tea, red wine, and blueberries- cacao is where it’s at!)

-rich in polyphenols, beneficial for heart health

-full of magnesium & iron (the highest level of iron available in a plant source!)

-epicatechin- aids in insulin sensitivity, weight loss, & physical performance

Leave your cacao raw!

The more raw the better- opt for cacao powder v.s. cocoa powder

(cocoa means it’s been heated which can remove the beneficial enzymes available in chocolate!)

Try them out and let me know what you think! 

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