Client Testimonial: Bailey

Despite many hardships throughout her contest prep Bailey never failed to give 100% commitment to her training and nutrition and made an amazing transformation beyond just the physical. She shined on stage inside and out!

Bailey Skoretz: SABBA Novice 2015  Photo Courtesy of Glen Grant
Bailey Skoretz: SABBA Novice 2015
Photo Courtesy of Glen Grant

Here’s what Bailey had to say about her experience working with Kalli and being part of the KY Fitness Team:

“Hey gorgeous girl”, is the way Kalli would start off every email, making you feel special for all the hard work accomplished in the week of dieting and training.  Training for a show is tough, but with the guidance of Kalli it was enjoyable and every bit rewarding.  No matter how hard I was working and the little progress I was making Kalli made it feel as if I was always winning, and this helped to push me further physically and mentally then what I had ever thought possible.

When I was feeling discouraged with myself Kalli always had something positive to say.  Her social media pages are filled with motivational posts regarding her love and passion for fitness.  Her passion radiates onto her clients.  During contest prep, life doesn’t stop.  There are still daily life struggles to push through that go beyond simply craving a cookie.

Kalli was a special sort of coach because she created a safe environment in which I could open up and express these struggles that I would other wise hold in.  Kalli was never judgmental and always made me feel as if my goals are within reaching distance.  She was always expressing to me how much I motivated her. This was phenomenal to hear since her hard work, titles, dedication and passion was something that greatly motivated me to keep pushing to pursue my dreams no matter what God decided to throw at me.

Kalli puts her heart into her business and her clients. I never once felt like her client but rather, like a friend sharing the same journey towards fitness.”



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