Client Testimonial: Annelle

Annelle has grown in so many ways throughout her time working with KY Fitness, physically and mentally becoming stronger by the day and inspiring everyone who she comes into contact with throughout her journey. At her first bikini competition Annelle rocked the stage with confidence finishing in the top 3 with a package to be proud of!

Annelle Bodnarik: 2014  Photo Courtesy of Charmaine McManus Photography
Annelle Bodnarik: 2014
Photo Courtesy of Charmaine McManus Photography

Here’s what Annelle had to say about her experience working with Kalli and being part of the KY Fitness Team:

“Growing up I was never athletic. In high school I didn’t participate in any sports, but once I graduated I decided I would give the gym a try. For quite a few years I would try to make my own routines and my own nutrition plans or pay money for packages that people advertised on Facebook or Instagram, but never got the results I was really wanting. April 2014 I finally decided I would pay for an online personal trainer. I worked with her for a few months but was never completely satisfied with her approach on nutrition. After searching around online I came across Kalli’s Instagram account. Kalli was located only a few hours away and had such a great personality – I felt she was the perfect fit! I contacted her and told her of my interest to possibly compete in my first bikini competition later in the year. After a few emails back and forth I became one of Kalli’s bikini girls for the October 2014 SABBA show!

I received my first nutrition and workout plan 17 weeks out from the show and couldn’t have been happier! The diet had a lot of variety and was not boring at all! Kalli was always there for nutrition advice or when I just wasn’t feeling the chicken anymore and I was wanting a change up. Kalli is all about ensuring that your happy and satisfied – physically and mentally. The process at times wasn’t easy but Kalli was always there when I needed someone to talk to. Someone to vent to. Reaching peak week was one of the greatest feelings! I had accomplished so much in the 16 weeks all thanks to Kalli. I was lucky enough to share the experience of my first show with Kalli and would never change a thing about the process.

After the competition Kalli worked with me by slowly increasing my calories again and decreasing my cardio. I continue to work with Kalli week by week on gaining strength and fueling my body properly. Kalli is the most personal online coach I have ever had and I would recommend her to anyone. If your goals are to lose weight, be more comfortable in your own body or possibly to compete, Kalli is definitely the coach to help you reach those goals!”



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