Client Testimonial: Jocelyn

Jocelyn competed for the first time this year in the bikini division and made amazing progress from Day 1 until show day. A true beauty inside and out, Jocelyn’s bubbly spirit and magnetic personality didn’t go unnoticed on the stage!

jocelyn show
Jocelyn Allard: SABBA Provincials 2015 Photo Courtesy of Glen Grant

Here’s what Jocelyn had to say about his experience working with Kalli and being part of the KY Fitness Team:

“I first met Kalli (KY Fitness) through information seminars that she was hosting about general health and nutrition. Just looking at her physique, she obviously knew what she was talking about!!! Her seminars really focused on a healthy approach to training and nutrition. A lot of what she had to say really “clicked” for me and I was intrigued to know more.

In October 2014 I met one-on-one with her to talk about my history, my goals and her training approach. I felt comfortable being truly honest with her about my struggles and my goals – for me, that was the key to knowing I could stick with a plan that she devised for me. For years I was the typical cardio bunny, in the gym or doing classes that were cardio focused. I had started lifting weights but wasn’t seeing a lot of progress and I knew the main culprit was my nutrition.

Kalli provided me with a meal plan that really met my needs – a plan that was catered to what I was already eating, introducing new foods and keeping some of my favourite foods (no matter how odd they were). Initially I wondered how I was going to eat all the food she had in my plan – I was eating more than I ever had but I knew she had my goals in mind and would guide me in the right direction. She also provided me with a training plan that I loved – a plan that worked in my schedule and would allow me to focus on building muscle and seeing the results that I hadn’t been seeing before. Her plan was something that I could stick to and if there were exercises or equipment I preferred or didn’t have access to, she would accommodate my needs.

I worked through my initial program until Christmas 2014 – each week I would check in with weight, measurements and progress pictures. Some weeks I felt great, some not so great. But Kalli always encouraged me and I was able to see through the three months how my body was transforming. If the scale wasn’t moving or I was feeling discouraged, I always tried to look at the measurements as they were showing me that my body was tightening up (which meant more muscle on my frame which was my main goal).

I had debated the idea of competing in a fitness completion for some time and throughout the holiday season I decided that 2015 would be my year! As I already had been working with Kalli and she knew my body, my preferences and my goals, I signed up for Contest Prep with KY Fitness and put April 25th on the calendar for my first show date! I was scared and excited but I more than anything, I was eager to see what my body could do. I knew I had only just started to see what I was capable of and there was a lot of potential to come!

I can honestly say I was addicted to the whole prep process – I loved the training, the meal plans and the changes I saw – not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Meal prepping, hitting the gym to lift 6-7 days a week, eating LOTS of clean, nutritious food… there was nothing I regretted. I felt healthier and stronger every week. Even when I started the morning cardio routine that some competitors dread, I found myself looking forward to that time each day – it was my time to clear my brain and focus on my health and happiness.

I heard a lot about the struggles of people post-contest and I watched some friends who have struggled post-contest with bingeing, sudden weight gain and depression so having a solid plan in place was very important to me. After completing two shows, my goal was to work back to a balanced regime and lifestyle. Immediately after my second show we set our sights on a reverse diet plan (actually Kalli had it already planned well before my last show) to keep me on track. Now, more than one month out from my second show, I have been able to get back to a healthy flexible lifestyle – enjoying more of a variety of the foods I love and working to build more and more muscle for future shows all while maintaining a lean physique.

Kalli was truly there for each step of my process. She always had my health and best interests in mind and always offered great advice! Having the experience I did working with Kalli before, during and after contest prep, I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, amazing, wonderful coach. She listened to my needs every step of the way and she was respective of my goals. Kalli introduced me to a healthy lifestyle that is maintainable and makes me feel strong and healthy every day – not just during a 4-month process.”

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