What People Are Saying About My 6 Week Group Programs!

“I feel more in control & more on purpose in my body. I remember finishing week #1/2 and thinking “Wow, this is going to be the thing that ‘fixes’ everything.” Now I definitely feel like this is the thing that will have started everything 🙂
Thanks so much!”
Sam W. (Fit for Fall, 2017) 
“Looking back between my before and after pictures, it’s so cool to see what someone’s body can accomplish. I am so happy with ALL of the results: numerical, visual, mental.. the list goes on!
This program was so amazing and made me realize so many things about myself.
Pushed my limits, learned those boundaries, and overall had a great time learning from you. Can’t wait for November!!”
Aidan M. (Fit for Fall/No Nonsense November 2017) 
“I feel like overall I am making way better choices food wise and being more active on a regular basis.  I used to just snack all day and eat so much sugar.  I am way more conscientious of what I am eating.  I have tried so many new foods and recipes over the last 6 weeks that I thoroughly enjoyed and will now incorporate into my life.
My kids have enjoyed many of the foods too and they are aware of exercise more than before (even having some push-up contests etc.!)
Your program is truly amazing.  My results have been beyond what I thought was possible in such a short time.  I have already recommended you to a number of friends and family.  Your positive attitude and motivation has been huge for me.  Knowing that you have our backs and are encouraging a lifestyle shift is so much more than just an eating plan and a workout schedule! Love it!”
Katie A. (Fit for Fall 2017)
“Yours is the first program I’ve actually seen results on so I’m super confident in sending people your way.
I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done these last six weeks. For at least two years, I’ve tried to lose weight on my own without any success. After six weeks under your guidance, I made huge strides that I didn’t believe were possible.
I’m so excited to continue on this path and see how much it helps with my marathon running. Your knowledge has been invaluable and has made such an impact on my confidence level. I feel like I finally have the tools to be successful with respect to eating and weight training. THANK YOU!”
Kathryn S. (Fit for Fall 2017) 
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