Life Transitions with Michael Linklater

Ep.103 | Is there life after basketball? Kalli sits down with retired pro athlete Michael Linklater to talk about how he transitioned into the next phase of his life, why he’s never tasted alcohol, how giving back to community fills his bucket, and why he’s raising his kids to be critical thinkers, not rule followers.

About Michael:

Michael Linklater started playing basketball at twelve and finished his athletic career as one of the top ranked 3×3 basketball players in all of the Americas. In 2010, he led the University of Saskatchewan Huskies basketball team to their first CIS national championship. He was also a member of the Saskatchewan Rattlers squad that won the pro Canadian Elite Basketball League championship in 2019. But it’s not just his athletic accomplishments that make him so impressive – Linklater is committed to being a positive role model. A Cree man from Thunderchild First Nation, Michael was bullied as a kid for his braids, so when his sons suffered the same racism, he started an international movement called Boys with Braids to encourage Indigenous youth to continue growing their hair and to educate people about the cultural significance of long hair for Indigenous men. Now, he’s cofounder of Sohkisiwin Solutions – working to come up with strategies the bridge indigenous and non indigenous approaches for business.

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