Avocado Ice Cream (Sugar-free, dairy-free, paleo, keto friendly)

Ice cream is by far one of my favorite things, especially in the summer. However- dairy bloat, sugar slumps, and crazy amounts of calories to enjoy said ice cream are not! Cue avocado ice cream!   You don’t even taste the avocado, it just adds a thick, creamy, rich base for your “nice-cream” and makes

Chocolate Covered Cacao Beans (Low Carb, Low Sugar, Keto Friendly)

We all love chocolate. And all love that we can justify our chocolate addictions as being good for us while we eat it! The less-processed the chocolate the better it is for you and the more beneficial properties provided! The raw cacao bean is the least processed form of chocolate, but many find it too

Low Carb Microwave Muffin Recipe (high fiber, dairy free, sugar free)

MUST try, low carb, 1 minute, minimal ingredients, minimal carbs. Guys. Super moist/fluffy and you could totally use this a a savory bread alternative, too! Scroll for the recipe! Ingredients: 1) 2 tbsp almond flour 2) 1 tbsp coconut flour 3) 1 tbsp ground flax seed 4) 1 medium egg 5) 1-2 tbsp dairy free

Shelby’s Transformation!

SO proud of this mama and her 6 week results from the “Resolution Restart” online group program! With home workouts and a nutrition approach customized to her she’s made so many great changes  in a short time. Make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter to be notified when registration for the September group starts!

Golden Milk (Turmeric “Latte”)

Hopping on the “golden milk” trend and couldn’t be happier about it! I know it sounds crazy, but it’s SO good and so good for you! Ingredients:  1 cup unsweetened cashew milk (or non-dairy milk of choice) 1/2 tsp turmeric 1/4 tsp ground ginger 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon 1 tsp coconut oil or MCT oil

Sugar-Free BCAA/Amino Gummies

Such a good diet-hack for anyone who has a sweet tooth- replace your regular gummie candies with this high protein, sugar-free version!     Ingredients: 3 envelopes of plain gelatin (I use Knox) 1 scoop of your favorite Branch Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) 1/2 cup boiling water Method: It really couldn’t be easier. Dissolve BCAAs

Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free Matcha Green Tea Latte

Starbucks who? Save your $ and your calories by whipping up this super easy and delicious at home version of your favorite green tea latte! matcha green tea powder (Bulk Barn) dairy free milk of choice (I prefer sugar-free almond or cashew milk) 0 calorie sweetener of choice (optional, but I prefer stevia) Method:  Mix

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