Low Carb Chicken (or turkey!) Noodle Soup (only 100 calories per serving!)

With all of the Thanksgiving left overs I thought it would be perfect timing to share this recipe! I had been craving chicken noodle soup ALL week since it started snowing and finally took a few minutes (seriously, it really only takes a few minutes) to make some with the left over turkey my Mom

RECIPE: Low-Carb, Low Calorie Pasta With Meat Sauce!

One of the best ways to stick to a “diet” (I hate that word) or structured meal plan is not to restrict yourself from foods you’re craving and feel like you’re missing out on your favorites. The good news is you don’t have to, there is ALWAYS a lower-calorie, higher nutrient, healthy alternative to your

Fall Favorites! (Books, Apps, Products, Food, & More)

Who doesn’t love a list of favorites?  Favorite lists should be a part of my favorite list!  Here are some of my current FALL FAVORITES:  WHAT I’M READING As my “New Years resolution” I decided to read one business/professional/personal development book and one guilty-pleasure type book each month, so far I’m on track! (pats self

How To Survive The Holidays: Home Workouts and Eating Tips

“Should I workout on the holiday?” Depending on your goals, you might want to take a full day off to enjoy the holiday fully and if you can DO! Holidays and special events are the days where I think it’s important to embrace the experience, but I know for myself  and for others I often

New Recipe: Greek Breakfast Omelet (High fat, low carb, keto friendly!)

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE experimenting with different diet methods and implementing different theories within my own nutrition so I can report back and have a better understanding of these techniques when implementing them with my clients. Recently I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting (for me this means fasting for a 12-14 hour period)


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NEW Vlog & World’s Powerlifting Prep Training Plan!

Another weekend another VLOG! I’m so excited for what’s to come in these next 10 weeks. Today marks my OFFICIAL day 1 of powerlifting prep (EEK! now it’s in the internet universe there’s no going back!) I put together my own meet prep/peak to keep my numbers on track over the next 10 weeks with

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